The patent examination help Camp 4,280,116 discloses an alternative approach exam help exam help signaling system for automobiles. This complicated system also utilizes exam help sequential signaling device wherein the place of exam help sequential type switch fixed in exam help barrel, is managed by the gas pedal or the rocker arm of the carburetor. The patent exam help Ostrowski 4,224,598, discloses exam help reaction signal device for automobiles which operates in order that when the drivers foot is taken off the accelerator pedal, amber lights go on. When brakes are utilized the amber lights go off quiz help the red brake lights go on. When the motive force releases the brake pedal the red or brake lights go off quiz help the amber lights go on, until the accelerator pedal is again pressed quiz help then the amber lights go off exam help repeat the cycle. Still an alternate strategy examination help automobile signaling devices is shown in the patent examination help Petrella 2,750,578 through which it seems that once the accelerator pedal is pressed, the red lights go on exam help warn automobiles in the rear that the car is preventing.